What areas do you service?

We service what is known as the “horseshoe” portion of the Bay Area. This includes most or all of the following areas: Santa Clara, Alameda, San Mateo, and Contra Costa Counties, South San Francisco, and the East Bay.

How can I place a service call?

Simply call us at 408.295.7767 and ask for our service department. You may also fax your request to our office at 408.295.7787. Our service department will happily assist you.

How will AquaTek gain access to my existing pipes?

We employ our own sheetrock and stucco crew. Unless otherwise noted on your written estimate, we will cut all walls where needed to access areas of piping, i.e. under cabinets, rear of toilets, rear of water heaters, shower valves. After pipe installation and inspection by the City inspector, the sheetrock and stucco will be replaced […]

What type of material does AquaTek use?

We use type (L) copper. AquaTek uses only the finest quality materials in your home. Although there are thinner and thicker grades of pipe available, it is our professional opinion that this is the best pipe for your home. All fittings will be wrought, copper, or rough brass. Where gate shut offs are used, i.e. […]

What does a repipe actually involve?

Unless otherwise noted on the estimate sheet, all domestic piping will be replace from where the main enters the home to all fixtures. We suggest that the water main be replaced from the meter to the house. If it is galvanized steel, AquaTek will dig and backfill to a finished grade. Shrubbery is excluded unless […]

Do I have to be home during the repipe?

No. AquaTek Plumbing, Inc. is a licensed and bonded company. AquaTek does not require that the homeowner be home during the entire course of the repipe. Access in and out of the home is all that will be necessary.