A team of plumbers assessing a commercial project.

AquaTek Plumbing in the San Francisco Bay Area is the go-to expert for all your commercial plumbing needs. From simple repairs to complex installations, our team in San Jose provides comprehensive plumbing solutions.

Full-Service Commercial Plumbing Contractor

As a commercial plumbing contractor, we cover every aspect of your commercial plumbing system. From pipe repair to repiping, we understand the complexity involved. We’re equipped to handle jobs of any scale, adhering strictly to industry standards and local codes.

Professional Installation & Replacement Services

Our trained professionals proficiently carry out installation and replacement services. Be it a water heater, boiler, main line, or gas line, we ensure seamless installations and secure replacements that will serve reliably for years.

  • AquaTek Plumbing installs and replaces plumbing fixtures and systems.
  • We specialize in advanced water heater installations and efficient boiler replacements.
  • Our expertise includes primary sewer line replacements for system efficiency.
  • We ensure secure gas line installations and replacements with safety in mind.
  • Experienced technicians provide long-lasting and efficient service.
  • We focus on building lasting, reliable plumbing solutions.

Commercial Repair Services

No matter the problem, a minor pipe leak, or malfunctioning sewer line, AquaTek Plumbing tackles all repairs head-on. We don’t simply patch up the issues but take the time to investigate the cause, preventing recurring problems.

  • Pipe Repair: Our skilled technicians are experts at fixing damaged pipes, whether a minor leak or a significant issue, ensuring a reliable and efficient plumbing system.
  • Sewer Line Repair: We specialize in repairing sewer lines to prevent blockages and ensure proper wastewater disposal, maintaining a clean and functional commercial space.
  • Main Line Repair: Our team is proficient in repairing main plumbing lines, preventing disruptions, and safeguarding the overall plumbing infrastructure.
  • Water Heater Repair: We provide efficient repair services for water heaters to ensure a steady hot water supply, promoting comfort and productivity in your commercial space.
  • Boiler Repair: Our technicians are experienced in repairing boilers, ensuring efficient heating and hot water supply for a comfortable working environment.

Quick, Accurate Assessments

Our plumbing assessments are fast and precise. We use advanced leak detection tools to find even the most minor leaks that could cause problems if not fixed. Our thorough approach ensures we catch issues early, preventing them from turning into costly repairs. With AquaTek Plumbing, you can trust that we’ll identify any plumbing problems quickly and accurately, saving you time and money in the long run.

Emergency Plumbing Service

We understand that plumbing emergencies don’t stick to business hours. Our emergency service team is on call 24/7, ready to resolve any plumbing crisis swiftly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your commercial operations. We handle emergencies like:

  • Burst Pipes Causing Severe Water Leakage
  • Clogged Or Overflowing Toilets
  • Blocked Drains Leading To Water Backup
  • Gas Leaks From Damaged Lines
  • Broken Water Heaters Causing Loss Of Hot Water
  • Severe Leaks From Plumbing Fixtures

Backflow Prevention For Your Business

Backflow can be a severe issue for your commercial establishment, potentially endangering your employees’ health and damaging your reputation. We provide effective backflow prevention measures, ensuring the safe operation of your plumbing system.

Promotion Of Safe Practices

At AquaTek Plumbing, we care about safety. We always consider your staff’s safety and facility when making decisions about your plumbing. Each plumber we hire for our commercial plumbing service is an expert in the field and can fix anything from minor leaks to big pipe bursts. Keeping your business running smoothly is top of mind.

  • Safety-First Approach
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Efficient Issue Diagnosis
  • Minimal Disruption
  • Thorough & Clean Repairs
  • 24/7 Availability

Your Trusted Commercial Plumbing Partner

Entrusting your commercial plumbing needs to us ensures a hassle-free, efficient solution. Our teams are courteous and professional, dedicating themselves to solving the specific needs of commercial establishments throughout San Jose and the broader San Francisco Bay Area.

Now that you’ve learned about our array of services, why not give us a call? Let us care for your commercial plumbing needs, ensuring your business operates smoothly 24/7. AquaTek Plumbing is here to support your commercial operations.