Unless otherwise noted on the estimate sheet, all domestic piping will be replace from where the main enters the home to all fixtures. We suggest that the water main be replaced from the meter to the house. If it is galvanized steel, AquaTek will dig and backfill to a finished grade. Shrubbery is excluded unless otherwise noted on the estimate. We suggest either sch PVC plastic, or type (L) copper water main. N both cases, a long life is guaranteed.

All manifold piping below floor is suspended by Teflon straps, copper straps and Teflon-coated hangers. As piping penetrates floor plates, this is known as risers. They will be replaced in the same manner. NOTE: pipe-to-wood contact, in our view, is considered to be less than good craftsmanship. Due to expansion and contraction of pipe, if it comes into contact with the wood, the new piping system will be noisy and often squeak. For this reason, the risers and manifold will be suspended from the structure.

All shut off valves, known as angle stops, are located at each fixture will be replaced with Brasscraft units. All supply tubes that hook up to fixtures from the angle stops will be replaced with braided stainless steel. The existing are not replaced unless noted on the estimate.