Newly relined pipes.

Our professional pipe relining services are designed to provide long-lasting results and ensure the seamless flow of your plumbing systems. Traditional methods disrupt your property and cause extensive downtime for your pipe system, but our experienced team of professionals uses the latest technology to address these issues efficiently. Trust AquaTek Plumbing for excellence in trenchless repairs tailored to meet your satisfaction.

Understanding Pipe Relining

Pipe relining, known as trenchless pipe repair, has revolutionized the sewer and drain repair industry over the past few decades. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and other materials commonly used in pipes have been found to degrade over many years, leading to unexpected leaks or failures.

The Need for Innovation

Traditionally, pipe repair—while still necessary in some cases—would involve digging up the affected pipe, an expensive and disruptive process. Pipe relining, however, offers an alternative method. This innovative technology allows underground pipe repair without excavating the property, making it significantly more cost-effective and less inconvenient.

Key Features of Pipe Relining

  • Trenchless Technology: As the name suggests, pipe relining or trenchless pipe repair eschews the need to dig trenches to access sewer lines. Instead, the process uses existing entry points for repair or restoration.
  • Long-lasting Solutions: Pipe relining provides a resilient solution that extends the lifespan of sewer lines. The relined pipes resist common issues such as root intrusion, cracking, and corrosion.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: By minimizing the excavation process, pipe relining reduces the environmental impact. It is a sustainable solution preferred in urban areas.

Process of Pipe Relining

AquaTek Plumbing goes through a thorough process involving these four steps: detailed inspection, cleaning the pipe, relining, and inspection.

Detailed Inspection

The process begins with a detailed CCTV inspection to identify the location and extent of the damage. Highly specialized cameras are inserted into the pipe, providing a thorough understanding of the state of the sewer lines.

Cleaning the Pipe

Before relining, the pipe must be free of any obstructions or debris. A process called hydrojetting is used to clean the pipe thoroughly. This process involves pumping water into the sewer line at high pressure to flush out any clogs or residues.

The Relining Step

A felt liner soaked in an epoxy resin is inserted into the pipeline using an air pressure system. The liner is then expanded to fit tightly against the inner dimensions of the existing pipe. The epoxy resin hardens and creates a new, durable within the old one.

The Final Stage

Once the resin has hardened, a final CCTV inspection is performed to ensure that the relining process has been completed successfully and the problem has been resolved.

Benefits of Choosing Pipe Relining

  • Convenience: With minimal excavation, pipe relining is less disruptive and quicker than traditional methods.
  • Cost-Effective: Less labor and time required equates to cost savings.
  • Long-lasting: The new pipe created through relining lasts many years and is resistant to cracks, leakages, and root intrusions.

Why AquaTek Plumbing for Pipe Relining Services in the Bay Area

Based out of San Jose, AquaTek Plumbing has proudly provided quality trenchless repair and pipe relining services in the larger Bay Area since 1984. Our highly trained and experienced technicians utilize the latest technology to diagnose and repair your plumbing problems professionally. Whether it’s a home or commercial infrastructure, we understand the value of a swift, long-lasting solution to your plumbing issues. No matter the size of the project, we guarantee a professional service focused on your satisfaction. Reach out to us today for your Bay Area pipe relining needs.